4 fun activity ideas for Christmas

Christmas is right on the horizon, and it might get difficult for some of you to hold onto your excitement. And rightly so, it is like the oscar of the festivals, where there’s family time, entertainment, and a lot of gifts and sweets. As much as we love keeping up the traditions, it doesn’t hurt to change things up a little. Here are a few ideas that can give you one more reason to celebrate the impending celebration.

Have a gift wrapping race
As the holiday season approaches, everyone gets busy shopping for gifts and then wrapping them. This year make this activity a full-fledged event. Inform everyone beforehand so that you all can arrange cardboard or plain boxes and Christmas cards on time. This will help you keep things a surprise for the giftee, and you can have a fun time seeing how lousy the packaging can get if there is a clock ticking in the background.

DIY holiday cards
If you’re looking for an activity that would keep everyone right from kids to grandparents occupied, this might be the one for you. Arrange a family day where you all sit around the table reminiscing about your older Xmas memories and favorite things about the holiday season. All while you go down memory lane, you all can create your very own Christmas cards to gift to the other people around the table.

Make Gingerbread cookies
One thing, except for Christmas cards, of course, that can help you keep the kids in the house occupied is baking. Gingerbread is a sign of Christmas being right around the corner. Turn up the volume on the Christmas carols and sleigh your way into the kitchen (not literally). Help the kids bake their first or hundredth gingerbread cookie, take it up a notch, and start building a gingerbread house.

Ornament swap
It will soon be time to shake the webs off of those Christmas lights and other decorations. The favorite among many is, of course, the ornaments that go on the trees. Admit it, and everyone has that one favorite ornament they want to see on the top of the tree. Why don’t you shake things up a bit and organize an ornament swap evening with your friends? It will serve the dual purpose of enjoying the company and eggnog with everyone, plus everyone gets at least one new ornament to put on their tree.