4 popular dress types to own

Let’s get one thing straight. When it comes to dresses to wear for a night out with friends, family, or even for a casual outing, the options are limitless. But since some dress types work for select occasions and body types, narrowing down on the right one can get tedious. So to help make life easier, here’s a quick guide to four popular dress types and a few brands to help speed up the buying process.

1. A-line dress
A-line dresses are designed to complement the hips while flaring outwards at the hem. It is this structure that gives the piece its “A” shape. The dress complements the shoulders and goes well on pear-shaped bodies. It’s suitable for casual or formal occasions. You can check out a few Mac Duggal black evening gowns, especially the floral accented evening gown in black, which is a pretty A-line style for $538.

2. Slip dress
The slip dress, though originally an undergarment from the early 90s and the 2000s, has become quite the fashion trend today. While it can be worn with a turtleneck or T-shirt underneath, by itself, the slip dress is attractive. They also go well with a thick sweater worn on top, if that’s what you’re looking for. Nordstrom’s ribbed long slip dress for $78 is a classic slip dress that can hug your body while offering comfort.

3. Bodycon dress
If you’re on the watch for a tight-fit dress that hugs your body and highlights your features, a bodycon dress is your best bet. The dress works well for those with an hourglass figure. That’s because its stretch-infused design complements your assets. Bodycon dresses are worth wearing for those club-hopping types of nights. They make for some pretty great mirror selfies too. Forever 21 has a pretty insane collection, like the belted ribbed bodycon dress for just $24.49.

4. Maxi dress
A maxi dress is a viable companion if you’re due for a day at the beach or by the pool. The dress has a long fabric that sweeps the floor, making it look like you’re all dressed up, when in fact, it’s super casual and comfortable on the inside. The voluminous maxi dress from H&M for $27.99 is a lovely dress with a beautiful square neckline. Combine that with jewelry and floral sandals, and you’re all set for any casual setting.