5 foods that are secretly ruining teeth

We’re often under the impression that toothpaste and other oral hygiene products will keep our teeth healthy. But oral-care products can only help so far in protecting teeth. Most of the time, it is up to us to ensure we follow a healthy lifestyle to improve oral health. One way to do this is by avoiding these five foods that are secretly, but surely ruining the health of our teeth.

Potato chips
Chips contain lots of starch, which could become sugar and get trapped on and between the teeth. And the sugar feeds bacteria present in the plaque. Since people generally munch on many chips in one go, the acid production might linger for a while and damage the teeth. Therefore, one should ensure they floss after eating to remove any trapped particles.

Sour candies
Sour candies contain a large number of acids that are hard on the teeth. Furthermore, these candies are chewy and may stick to the teeth for a long time, making them more likely to decay. While the ideal solution is to avoid sweets, if one has cravings, one should munch on a bar of chocolate instead, which can wash away easily.

When a person chews on bread, the saliva breaks down starches into sugar. And when the bread becomes a gummy paste-like substance in the mouth, it sticks to crevices between the teeth, which could lead to cavities. So, those who want to eat carbs should pick less refined options like whole wheat. The variety contains fewer added sugars than refined carbs and does not break down easily.

Citrus fruits
The acid content in citrus fruits like oranges could erode the enamel and make one’s teeth more vulnerable to decay. The composition of such fruits could also make mouth sores more painful. One could still enjoy the benefits of citrus fruits by rinsing their mouth with water after consumption.

Chewing on tough substances like ice could damage the enamel and make one susceptible to dental emergencies, including chipped, broken, or cracked teeth. It could also lead to loose crowns. One could use ice to chill beverages, but one should avoid eating it and switch to chilled water and drinks without ice.