6 things to avoid indulging in on a cruise

Taking a cruise is one of the most relaxing ways to unwind, and it is hands down the best way to travel. With all the great food and drinks to indulge in, engaging adrenaline activities and luxurious spa retreats, you may never want the vacation to end. However, if this is your first cruise, you must avoid the following things that can land you in trouble or make you feel out of place.

Explore the islands

Instead of waiting back to use the empty pool, bar, or rides on board, step off the ship to explore the exotic locations. The idea is to have a balance between exploring new places and enjoying the travel as well. An empty pool and an empty bar can be easily enjoyed at a resort, but the island the cruise docks at is probably something you will never get to visit again.

Don’t buy a drinks package

You may think it’s wise to opt for a drinks package, but most cruise tickets include free cocktails and meals onboard. Be very sure of your package when you buy tickets to know exactly what all it includes. The staff on board may coax its guests to buy various packages before saying yes to confirm what your ticket includes. Also, watch out for the additional gratuity charge on cocktails.

Avoid the Captain’s Dinner

A lot of activities and services on board come with an extra cost, and one of them is the Captain’s Dinner. They may invite you to have dinner with the captain, but you will pay for it. Sure the meals will be fancier than the normal buffet served every day on board, but the captain’s dinner table is usually pretty huge. That said, you won’t even get to sit next to or around the captain because that’s how crowded it is. Instead, you can utilize that time to be at your buffet, which will be comparatively less crowded.

Avoid bringing any food into the room

Most buffets on board are open 24/7, and it makes no sense to take back food to the room. If you’re someone who enjoys a midnight snack, you can come back up for a meal or carry something packed to keep the room from smelling. Leftovers can stink up just not your room but the entire floor, and as a guest, you must avoid that.

Don’t cut lines

This is one of the most crucial things to remember while waiting in line for food or activities. Sure the cruise may feel like a more luxurious vacation or trip, but that doesn’t mean people will tolerate someone cutting lines for rides, drinks, or food. That’s one of the most common reasons for starting a fight on board.

Avoid areas that are off-limits

Follow signs and rules wherever possible. Ignoring a ‘danger sign’ or ‘closed for guests sign’ cannot be taken for granted on board. There are solid reasons why the ship doesn’t want you to go in those areas, and they’re for your safety. Plus, you don’t want to be embarrassed when you’re found crossing these lines by the crew.

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