Best tactical boots of 2021 to buy today

Tactical boots are heavy-duty shoes specially designed to be used in rugged and extreme terrain. A good pair of tactical boots keeps your feet safe from harsh weather while also ensuring comfort. So, whether you are military personnel, a safety worker, or simply someone who loves venturing outback, here are some of the best tactical boots of 2021 to protect your feet.

Bates Men’s Ultra-Lites Side-Zip Tactical Boots
Bates is one of the top brands in the segment, and their Men’s Ultra-Lites Side-Zip is one of the best tactical boots of 2021. Bates duty boots are a favorite among professional hikers and law-enforcement specialists. It is mainly because of the combination of ballistic nylon and leather used to make them. These materials ensure the shoes are durable and comfortable – a perfect choice for extensive use in the field. Besides, the non-metallic construction of Bates duty boots makes them light-weighted. This is especially suitable for security personnel who frequently walk around metal detectors.

Maelstrom Men’s Landship Tactical Boots
If breathability is the feature you are looking for in your new military boots, Maelstrom’s Landship could be the right pair for you. The highlight of this product is the mesh fabric wrapped around the shoes’ shaft to maintain airflow. Moreover, the moisture-absorbing lining ensures that your feet remain dry. Also, most parts are 100% leather, making them more durable for outdoor adventures. What’s more? It features a firm rubber sole that offers excellent shock-absorbing capability.

Oakley Light Assault 2
These are yet another best tactical boots of 2021. Oakley is renowned for making all types of tactical gears, and its Light Assault 2 is a witness to this claim. It offers athletic performance as the materials are chosen considering factors like mobility and weight reduction. The shoes’ upper part is made from nylon, which makes them light-weighted and improves airflow. Oakley Assault tactical boots are built for speed, agility, durability, and affordability.

5.11 ATAC Jungle Tactical Boots
These military boots are known for their professional design and rugged leather construction. These features make 5.11 ATAC Jungle Tactical Boots perfect for both working professionals and hikers. The 100% grain leather helps reduce the boots’ wear and tear, making them suitable to withstand extreme weather. The shoes are high cut with optimal ankle support. They also have full-length insoles made from OrthoLite X25 foam that is comfortable and has a good shock-absorbing capability.