Top 5 products for every beard type

Just like one’s skin and hair, the beard too needs care and maintenance. This can be achieved by using the right beard products. However, with the number of options out there, one may have a hard time figuring out what’s right for their beard. To make it easier, we’ve shortlisted five beard products that are suitable for all beard types.

Redchurch Beard Moisturizer by Murdock London
The beard too needs a bit of moisturizing. This is because several external factors can affect the beard, making it itchy, rough, and dry. Murdock London’s moisturizer contains special ingredients that help keep the beard fresh and fragrant. One can use it daily for best results.

Honest Amish Beard Balm
This balm works as a great conditioner. The only visible difference between an oil and a balm is that the latter allows a bit of styling and shaping. Honest Amish’s Beard Balm conditions and strengthens the beard while helping it grow more fully and thick. Another positive factor is that its texture is wax-free and smooth.

Professor Fuzzworthy’s Beard Shampoo Bar
This is one of the top-notch beard shampoos out there. It provides the beard an enough amount of oil and moisture to keep it from getting dry and itchy. Unlike most beard shampoos, this one comes in the form of a bar. Its earthy, natural scent and moisturizing formula keeps the beard fresh and looking great.

Philips Norelco Beardtrimmer
Trimming is one of the most important parts of maintaining one’s beard. One can give it a quick fade, a bit of detail, or cut off certain parts easily with the Philips Norelco range. It is affordable and small in size, perfect to carry around and use. Its titanium blade provides precise cutting. The product’s high-powered battery enables 120 minutes of use after only an hour of charging.

Jack Black Beard Oil
If one wants to do away with managing different beard products, they can simply get a beard oil. It moisturizes and conditions the beard, leaving it fragrant and fresh. Jack Black’s beard oil comes in a comfortable dispenser pump bottle that makes it super easy to use. Using it regularly will leave one’s beard feeling shiny and smelling sweet.